Jean-Paul Lespagnard

Though he may be of Belgian birth, it would be a mistake to confine him to one country. Since his debut and awards at Hyeres Festival, Jean-Paul Lespagnard has engaged in an ever-greater number of projects and collaborations, with meticulousness, vision, and a sense of the unorthodox that have always led him where the universe wanted him to go.

For almost 20 years, Jean-Paul Lespagnard – with his uncommon, engaging and relentless personality – design fashion, objects, interiors, but also costumes for renowned choreographers. He has restyled cult items (From Eastpack’s backpack – a brand near and dear to his heart since his teenage years. Passing by Jaguar, reworking the sacred green and bringing it in an acid era, To the pop creations of Galler Chocolatier, including the legendary Eastern Eggs.), and collaborated with both Mexican prisoners and patients in mental health facilities to create accessories. No boundaries allowed.

In 2017, he wrote the Extra-Ordinaire manifesto that led to the opening of the physical store in the heart of Brussels Downtown.

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